Meet Our Horses at Lupine Farm in Vassalboro, ME

We love all of our lesson horses and ponies and they really are the heart of our program at Lupine Farm. Any heights listed are approximate since we haven’t measured most of them in years — ages, too, since most of them are timeless! Many of these horses and ponies are available for onsite half lease for riders in our lesson program. Most of them have some degree of show experience. Ask about our end of year lease specials to reserve your favorite horse for lessons and show season 2022 or just for the winter lesson series! *(priorities are given to 6 and 12-month leases over month to month leases)

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Red Headed Daisy- "Daisy"

Daisy is a registered AQHA mare in her early 20's. At 14.3h, she is a hony. She is also an LF original and an all time favorite. A veteran of lunge lessons for littles, she has the world's smoothest trot (just ask Willa) and is also awesome on trail rides. Daisy is not available for lease.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Luck of the Draw- "Remmie"

Remmie is a 16.1h, early twenties rock star of a gelding. He makes learning fun and easy and helps his rider shine. He has had great success over the years from w/t poles through to 2'6 on the MeHJA circuit, has an auto swap, and is utterly unflappable. He will just be doing 18" and lower now that he has entered his 20's, but he is still incredible and was champion of the Long Stirrup division at Medal Finals this year with Hannah aboard. Look for Remmie in an episode of Maine Cabin Masters coming out in May 2020! Remmie is currently half-leased by Kristin.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Dr. T -"Cody"

Cody is enjoying a partial retirement in the big field at Hemphill’s this winter. He may rejoin us for light work lessons summer of 2022 and he has been a wonderful part of our lesson program for many years from the lead liners through the 2’3 riders.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

JJ Biggles Blackworth - "Judge"

Mimi’s black QH gelding, Judge is just the bees knees. He is as kind as they come and a cadillac of a ride. Mimi let’s Emily ride him for her to keep him fit and busy and we’re sure all three kids will be gunning for him before long.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Captain Underpants - “Tank”

Tank is Elliott’s personal pony and they rocked the walk trot division in 2020 and 2021. He lets everyone know he is Elliott’s pony because basically only Elliott can catch him! He is originally from Iowa and has lots of miles on the trail in addition to in the arena. He is just about as cute as they come.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Bailey's Irish- "Bailey"

Bailey is currently Emily’s mount at Hemphill’s staying busy trail riding and filming sales videos. He may come back and make some appearances at Lupine in 2022 and he is always a fan favorite when he does.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Fond of Candy- "Larry"

Larry is a 17h, 8 yo OTTB gelding and he is an elegant and gentle mount for a variety of our riders. Steady, quiet, and with a rolling canter stride to go with his 17h, everyone who rides him loves Larry. Larry is currently half-leased by Julia and is available to be shared with another half lease rider.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm


Jeeves is a 16h, 30-something (!!!) year old grade gelding with a big personality and a whole lot of heart. He has taught countless riders over the years all about steering and a lucky bunch have learned how to canter courtesy of this smooth old man. He still has a lot of miles left in him and is an acceptable option for flat classes at home shows and Hemphill's fun shows. Currently available for half lease.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Alert the Media - "Paparazzi"

Emily’s mostly retired former show horse, Papi is still the big man on campus and a gentle giant of a big, red, thoroughbred.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm

Ooh La La - "Lala"

Maggie’s favorite pony, Lala has been rehabbing from an injury and may rejoin the ranks at Lupine in 2022.

Lesson and Lease Horses at Lupine Farm


Willy is the best mini in all the land and has been a resident at Lupine since the pandemic started although he has been in the family longer than that. He rides and drives and loves living with his best friend, Tank.

Black Pony Mare

Stardust - "Lola"

Lola is a small black pony mare who is good at just about everything she tries. From ring work to trails to driving and games, she is a gem of a pony and flashy to boot! She is brand new to our lesson program on a holding pattern for Maggie down the line. Lola is available for lease.

Chesnut Gelding

Personal Trainer - "Timmy"

Timmy is Emily’s personal 16 yo draft cross gelding. He has a background doing IEA and therapy programs and he is fun to ride both on the flat and over fences. Currently leased by Emily’s niece, Sophie K. for show season 2022!

Appy Pony Gelding

Suddenly Too Sudden - "Snapchat"

This 7 yo POA pony gelding has been part of the family off and on since he was a weanling. He may join the lesson program in spring of 2022 after coming back from working at a trail business in 2021.

Waffles Lupine Farm Lesson Horse

IHOP - "Waffles"

Waffles is a cute as a button large pony who splits time between summer camp at Camp Laurel and being part of the Colby Equestrian program.

Bay Gelding in Vassalboro

Scratch and Denton - "Denton"

Denton is a 16.2 hand bay OTTB gelding who has has a varied career from racing to ranch work. He is settling right into life on the east coast and is a gorgeous and popular new addition to our lesson program. Denton is available for lease.

Bay Gelding with Lesson Student

Quinn the Eskimo - "Quinn"

Quinn is a gorgeous bay medium pony gelding who is a star both under saddle and in the shafts. He makes you earn it as he is more whoa than go, but he is great over fences and has a history in pony club, doing beach rides, and more. He is also an awesome driving pony and we have been enjoying getting some driving miles in with him since his arrival. Quinn is available for lease.

Paint Horse at Lupine Farm

Song of the South - " Moonpie"

Moonpie has become one of the favorite lesson horses over the past year since his arrival. He is a stout pinto with three really comfortable gaits and an easy going disposition. He rides both english and western, jumps, and is an excellent teacher. Moonpie is available for lease.

Roan Appy Horse

Chocolate Chip Muffin - "Muffin"

Muffin is a teenaged large pony appaloosa mare who has been a rock solid addition from the up down riders all the way to cross rails and everything in between. She has turned into a true lesson favorite. Muffin is available for lease.

Gray Gelding with Horse Paint

Saxon Leo - "Charlie"

Charlie is another of Emily’s personal collection who pinch hits in the lesson program. He is a good old ranch horse from out west who is happy to work english or western in the arena or down the trail. A summer camp favorite, he’s willing to be painted by a crew of little people, be scrubbed with soap by that same crew, and then go teach someone how to canter. We love Charlie.

YOLO Chesnut Gelding


Yolo is another 2021 addition to the big, red, gelding collection. Originally from Oklahoma, he has come around nicely to joining our hunt seat lesson program and worked for many levels of rider this year. Yolo is available for lease.

Bay Gelding

Chocolate Lark - "Putty"

Putty is one of Emily’s 2 year old project horses. He is currently in training off site and may join the Lupine family some day, but has some growing to do first.

Bay Pony Mare

Mimi the Pony - "Mimi"

Mimi the pony is a lovely medium pony mare with a great lead change and jump already at just 5 years old. She is headed to spend the winter in Ocala this year to get some more good miles as she heads toward a career in the hunter show ring!

Grey Gelding at Horse Show

Easy Like Sunday Morning - "Lover"

Lover is a lovely big bodied gray gelding who joined us in the fall of 2021 after working in NYC for the summer. He is another fast favorite in the lesson department and a nice option walk, trot, canter, and over fences. Lover is available for lease.


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